DS115 Insect Zapper

Product Description:
The high quality zinc-anneal construction and easy to remove catching tray makes this unit ideal for domestic use and smaller areas. Light weight, easy to install and low maintenance.
Other Benefits and Features:
The Electronic Fly Killers use powerful tubes to attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them. The insects subsequently fall into a catch-tray. They are designed with both the professional technician and the end-user in mind.
Dimensions: H: 25cm W: 51.5cm D: 16cm Weight:• 5kg Coverage:• Wall mounted: 45m2 • Suspended / Freestanding: 90m2 Finish:• White Tube Data:• 1 x 15-Watt Pest West Quantum® tubes • Shatterproof coating with industry compliant FEP