LEADS Evolve: Making growth within reach during the pandemic

With the birth of LEADS EH’s campaign, the 7 Es, groundworks for it has become more of a responsibility to all its employees to the pest control industry and to the public health industry, in general, than a mere set of intertwined growth programs for the company.

Cultivating growth from the grass-root is the mantra that has always driven the company’s Technical and Marketing team in ensuring that needed learning and points-of-development are shared within the industry though each respective player’s stakeholders. Technicians’ trainings, product familiarization and workshops, open discussions of strategies for resilient companies, succession planning and other operational agenda to thrive in this challenging time are few of the focus of the team with this program – LEADS Evolve.

Empowering every stakeholders of the industry involves investment in time, human resources and brain-storming of LEADS EH members spear-headed by its CEO, Caren M. Baisas, with most, if not all the front-runners of the pest control organizations in the whole archipelago – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The achievement of sustainable growth for the industry should emanate from the lowest ranks in the respective operational levels of our co-industry movers (pest control operators) and that the reach must not be bounded by geographical barriers and even institutional differences.

In this challenging time, LEADS EH commits to further its efforts in making learning more accessible and available by initiating seminars and trainings, internally and externally, and further enabling pest control organizations’ forward-rooted agenda by making our esteemed in-house entomologist available when called and supporting their organization events and trainings. LEADS EH will continue to believe in its people and to every industry mover in the country to ensure growth and resilience of the industry – for the sake of all its stakeholders through this pandemic and moving forward.

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Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines – PEAP

Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators’ Associations – PFPMOA

South Luzon Pest Management Operators’ Association of the Philippines

North Central Luzon Pest Management Operators Association Inc.

Region 3 Pest Management Association of the Philippines

Mindanao Urban Pest Management Association

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