5 Dengue facts you need to know

Dengue Fever (or more commonly known as Dengue) is a type of VIRUS and mosquitoes are its main carriers and transmitters. “VECTOR” is a term used for organisms that carry a particular disease-carrying agent (i.e. virus or bacteria) without actually developing the disease. A person can ONLY be infected with the Dengue virus through a vector. Person to person infection is not possible.
In 2015 alone, there are 24,075 cases of dengue reported in the Philippines, 65 of which resulted in deaths. Research and Development is already in progress for providing the FIRST dengue vaccine for areas endemic of the virus.

Strong Defense against the Bite

Dengue disease has been a constant battle not only in the Philippines but also in majority of tropical areas in Asia and Americas. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, statistics1 show that dengue cases have increased by 8.25% in 2015 compared to the previous year.

With mosquitoes almost lurking everywhere, protection against these vectors is the main key in the probable reduction of dengue cases in the country. LEADS Environmental Health Products Corp. offers two of the most effective tools in upholding strong defence against the bite: Vectron 10EW and Olyset Net. Vectron 10EW is a water-based, safe, and odorless insect killer that provideslong lasting protection not only against mosquitoes but also from flies, cockroaches, bugs, fleas, and other household pests. It is tested and approved by the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme. Vectron 10EWdelivers excellent protection and guarantees no irritation to the eyes or nose and can be sprayed even if people or pets are present.

Olyset Net is an insecticide-treated net approved by the World Health Organization and the Department of Health. It is safe to use. The chemical is embedded in each fiber of the net giving long lasting protection that can last up to 5 years. It is tear-proof and can be washed without sacrificing its efficacy. Included in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions in 2004, Olyset Net provides a novel approach to personal protection against mosquito attacks without sacrificing comfort. It is designed to allow good airflow and unhampered ventilation. It is also available in ready-to-use forms, as curtains and bed nets(kulambo).

Protect your family from dengue-carrying mosquitoes with Vectron 10EW and Olyset Net Curtains and Bed nets.

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Iwas Dengue Campaign
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Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna