Set bigger budget for termite control

MANILA, Philippines – What is as deadly and as destructive as fire that may render a family homeless? Excluding natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, the answer is termites.

Something as tiny as a termite, often called the silent destroyer, can cause the collapse of an infrastructure.
During the LEADS Industry Partners Forum held at Hotel InterContinental Manila recently, termite expert Dr. Carlos Garcia of the University of the Philippines-Los Banos said “out of the 54 species found in the Philippines, six are the destructive type and four of them are the subterranean kind.

He urged homeowners to allot a bigger budget for the treatment of termites, and pest control management.
Garcia named the baiting technique as an eco-friendly innovation that has emerged this decade.

In using IGR (insect growth regulator), you allow the (termite) workers to feed on the bait, he explained. It is also important to know the background and location of the termites before you apply the control measures, this will require assistance from experts like your reliable pest control operators.

The forum was attended by LEADS Environmental Health distributors, dealers, pest control operators and clients from various industries, like hotels and resorts, restaurants and food manufacturers, construction and livestock farms.

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