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Bifen 10 EC

bifen cleaned front web


Features and Benefits

1.   Bifenthrin-based repellent termiticide that guarantees more than three (3) years protection* even on high risk areas
2.   Long residual efficacy
3.   Cost-effective
4.   Packed in non-slip, easy grip plastic coex bottle
5.   High soil stability, high soil binding capacity and non-leaching characteristics that prevent ground water contamination
6.   Active ingredient is not soluble to water hence, does not pose danger to adjacent sources of water
7.   Non-systemic and non-volatile chemical that allows applied termiticide to remain intact in the treated zone

Dilution / Application Rate

1 Liter Bifen 10 EC : 66 Liters Water (1:66)

Pre- construction:  4 liters product mixture/sqm  for soil and unwashed gravel; 5 liters product mixture for soil along the inside of foundation walls, both sides of partition walls and around plumbing; 5 liters product mixture per linear meter per 30 cm depth from grade to footing along the outside edge of the building and for crawl space and hollow blocks foundation done  by drilling or probing.
Post-construction: 5 liters product mixture per linear meter for concrete slab foundation and also for basement hollow block foundation by trenching, probing or rodding.